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User behavior and protection of minors

Any Content accessible to the public posted by the User of the service is the responsibility of the User. This responsibility primarily applies to photos and other publicly available media, and photos and other media shared with others via Album, Cloud and Mail services, large files stored and sent via the Send service, and The articles put online by the service Tips.

It is forbidden, for example, for the User to post Content relating to acts constituting an apology for crimes against humanity, incitement to violence, racial hatred or child pornography. In addition, any public album featuring sensitive photos (such as children's photos) can be automatically switched to a private or shared album. A mail will be sent to the member to warn him of this action, and it will then be free to him to switch again this album in public if he wishes, knowingly.

Mother Zaclys declines any responsibility for the content that the user displays, downloads, sends by e-mail or transmits in any other way by the Service. Only the user is responsible.
Mother Zaclys is not bound by any general obligation to check the contents and verify their legality, in accordance with article 6, I, 7 of Law No. 2004-575 for Confidence in the Digital Economy of 21 June 2004. Consequently, it does not guarantee the accuracy, legality, legality or quality of this content.
Mother Zaclys disclaims all responsibility for the content, in particular because of its illegality, errors or omissions in any content, loss or damage resulting from the use of any content posted, transmitted by e-mail or in any other way Via the Service.


Intellectual property

Mother Zaclys respects intellectual property rights and we ask you to respect them as well. The User putting online Content on the various services of the mother Zaclys must have all the rights.

Unless otherwise stated, any article or Content put online in a public way is in no case free of rights.

The User is prohibited from engaging in any infringement of intellectual property rights (such as music, video, animations, games, software, databases, images, sounds and texts) or any other proprietary rights others.


Your Freedoms

Mother Zaclys is run by a non-profit 1901 law association. The site is hosted on French servers (at OVH in Roubaix), developed and maintained on French territory (Franche-Comté) and uses exclusively free software (linux).

Respect for your freedom and your rights is a top priority for us.

Unlike other well-known sites, we guarantee your freedoms and your intellectual property rights : Mother Zaclys does not give herself any right Use, reproduction, modification, creation of derivative works, communication, publication, representation, display, distribution ... of your contents. Your content remains your content and under no circumstances ours.

It is for all these reasons that Mother Zaclys is a real alternative to the hegemony of the giants of the net.



Mother Zaclys can not under any circumstances be held liable for any loss or damage, obligation or expense claimed to arise from the use of the Site, including, without In the case of any fault, error or omission or interruption of service or any delay which may have occurred. The User operates the Site at his own risk. In no event shall Mother Zaclys be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, including in the event of negligence or technical incident, even if it has been warned that such damage would produce.
The User declares to know and agrees that Mother Zaclys is not responsible for the conduct of any User, and agrees.

By using the Site, the User agrees to hold Mother Zaclys harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, damages, financial obligations or expenses (including, at reasonable (Including, but not limited to, any claim arising out of facts which, if proven, would constitute a breach by the User of these Terms and Conditions Of use. The sole and only solution offered to a User who is dissatisfied with all or part of the Site Content or these Terms of Use is to cease using the Services.


Inactivity of a member account

The Services are subject to rules of inactivity, which aim to optimize the conditions of use of the Services by the greatest number of users.

Any account left unused for 365 consecutive days could cause us to contact the member. If the account is small, nothing happens. If it is bulky and the member does not connect to it, a manual restart is performed. After a delay of several weeks, the account may be archived. Nothing will be lost but the member will have to contact us to reactivate it.



Service Guarantees

The Services, free of charge for the so-called "basic", are designed to meet the unprofessional, reasonable and normal use of the largest number of Users. Accordingly, Mother Zaclys makes no warranty as to the ability of the Services to meet the requirements, including accuracy, accuracy, reliability and timeliness of a service for professional use or service intended Storage of value data.


Due to the evolving nature of the Services, the constraints notably of maintenance and technological evolution, the continuity of the Services is not 100% guaranteed. In the event of an interruption of the Services, Mother Zaclys will use all reasonable means to remedy it as soon as possible.



Membership of the users to the association law 1901 "La Mère Zaclys"

The so-called based Of Mother Zaclys are freely available to Users. The additional services, optional, are only accessible when the Users join the association. This membership becomes effective following the payment of an annual subscription. Two different contributions are required to become an "Adherent Member" or "Benefactor Member", each entitling to a different number of additional services. The membership fees and additional services are described on the membership page. These rates are subject to change without notice by the office. However, a participant who has paid his or her contribution before this change will not be affected by the change during the year of validity.



As indicated when opening an account, and as described in the table showing membership benefits, only members have backup copies of their uploaded files. The non-adherent User, knowingly, is not concerned by the backup system as mentioned on the membership page (, and accepts the risks .


Termination of dues

The member automatically receives an alert mail before the end of the annual membership. If the member does not renew his membership, nothing is erased, he loses just the additional functions related to his account, but keeps all his documents.

Using the "Dedicated Cloud" service

Any user of a Dedicated Cloud Server must comply with Terms of Use of "ownCloud Server" AGPLv3 License or Those of Nextcloud , Depending on the option chosen.

In particular, the user of a Dedicated Cloud Server can in no case carry out direct commercial activity with it, such as sub-leasing of cloud server, hosting of cloud user accounts for commercial purposes, sale Services or products via this service ...


Technology and Security

Special attention is paid to the confidentiality and security of the data.
At Mother Zaclys each display of photos and even album covers is conditioned by an access control: that is to say that our server only accepts to display a photo or a pocket only after having checked whether the " The user has a right of access (either he has identified himself / herself on the site and he is the author of the album, or he has been invited to consult it and has a unique and confidential key in the Link that he can use to visit this album). The same applies to large file transfers used on the Send service and shared files via the Cloud service.

Accommodation OVH. Linux servers.


Modification of services and conditions of use

Since the services offered are scalable, Mother Zaclys will have to launch new services, but also, if necessary, to remove some or modify the characteristics of existing services. Mother Zaclys may also modify these Terms of Use.



You have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete your personal data (Informatique et Libertés law of January 6, 1978). For any request please use our contact form.
This site uses cookies for the sole purpose of allowing personalized navigation. If you wish, you can refuse these cookies by setting your browser for this purpose.



Mother Zaclys
House of Associations
10 Great Street
70270 Melisey

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Votre boite mail avec la mère Zaclys

Zmail Service Overview

Looking for a French mail service, powerful and without ads?
You want an alternative solution, free and respectful of your privacy, but you do not want to rent your own server and install it all yourself?


It is for this reason that Mother Zaclys offers Mail, the French, associative, privacy-friendly, advertising-free and free-of-charge open source messaging service!

Mail is a service reserved for members of the association. Mainly for reasons of security and anti-spam but also to guarantee the durability of this service.


1. To open your mailbox @ You just need to create an account and Join the association then Activate your mailbox

2. Then Join your webmail   (1)


New : With the Zpack manage your own community with The dedicated mail and cloud server



  • (1) IMPORTANT : On our webmail (RoundCube) or on any other software you use, on first use, once logged in and identified, it is recommended to configure your identity in "settings" / "identity": fill in The secondary email address (alias) you chose by activating your mailbox
  • Note: If you are having trouble connecting, try to simplify your password. Some worries may indeed appear with a few characters, such as accented letters.
  • Tutorial for Kmail (Linux KDE) (thanks to BiggerBang)
  • On Android the default messaging software from Android is now supported (March 25, 2017) Tutorial in progress.
    You can also use k9mail which is more complete: Tutorial for K9mail Android (Thanks to BiggerBang)
  • Under ios: you can directly use the native app of mail, the mail server is
  • Windows 8 Mail: supported since March 2017. Tutorial in progress
    You can also install ThunderBird (free, tutorial above) or use our webmail from your internet browser

    And also :
  • Under ThunderBird you can also use FileLink with our cloud service To attach large files (HD photos or videos) in your mails with simplicity and (almost) without limit!
  • You can connect the address book of your cloud service (cf "Cloud" tab on our site) to your zmail account to access it directly from the webmail Roudcube: See this page on our forum



On most modern email programs (such as Thunderbird), simply enter your primary email address and password, it will automatically detect and configure your mailbox.

IMPORTANT: Consider adjusting your identity in the preferences of your software using your secondary email address (alias) more aesthetic.
If you use more secondary email addresses (aliases) and you want to have your choice of email sender address when you send your email, simply configure multiple identities in the preferences of your software.

Additional settings (if required):

  • Reception (imap server):  
    - Server :
    - Type of server: imap (No pop!)
    - Security : Port 993 with SSL / TLS (Or port 143 with STARTTLS)
    - Authentication : encrypted
  • Sending (smtps server):
    - Server :
    - Security : Port 465 with SSL / TLS (Or port 587 with STARTTLS)
    - Authentication: Yes andencrypted (With login / login: your username)

PS: No pop server at zaclys!

Email address primary / secondary, a mother innovation Zaclys:

On the zmail service you will have a single primary email address associated with your zaclys account, this is your "physical" email address for us ). 

Of course it is not aesthetics, as you can declare and join at any timeor amanysecondary email addresses from "my profile / mail": , etc ... and use these addresses either side mails to your contacts: all mail sent to these addresses automatically arrive in your mailbox only.

Double interest: you can change email address easily and add multiple email addresses (maiden name + marriage name, pseudo for our friends and proper name for your professional mails ...) without needing to open a new box Mail or reconfigure your messaging tools! (To reply on each mail with the correct address use the identity manager of your messaging tool).



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Info106 reactions.

  • by Bill (Zaclynaute) - 12/02/2018 19:12

    Bonjour pakev
    Vous utilisez bien votre identifiant à 5 chiffres ?

  • by pakev (Zaclynaute) - 12/02/2018 11:32

    lorsque j'entre mes informations de connexion pour le webmail , un message apparaît '' La connexion a échoué

  • by Bill (Zaclynaute) - 17/01/2018 15:56

    Bonjour jraf73
    Nous vous invitons à poser votre question sur le forum :

  • by jraf73 (Zaclynaute) - 16/01/2018 22:28

    Bonjour, avec évolution je n'ai pas de boite de réception, je peux par contre envoyer des messages

  • by Bill (Zaclynaute) - 08/01/2018 10:00

    Bonjour Armand.

    Vous pouvez utiliser le portable d'un ami ou d'un parent pour activer l'authentification par SMS. Activez ensuite votre boite mail, puis supprimez enfin l'option d'authentification par SMS.

  • by Armand. (Zaclynaute) - 04/01/2018 19:23

    Je voudrais bien adhèrer au service mail, mais on me demande d'envoyer un SMS par mon portable! Or je n'ai pas de portable, il ne fonctionne pas ou j'habite!
    Comment faire???????????????????

  • by Bill (Zaclynaute) - 08/09/2017 10:33

    Bonjour CyrilJ25
    Peut-être un problème de délai de réponse. Les sauvegardes de nos serveurs se font la nuit, et cela peut provoquer quelques ralentissements.

  • by CyrilJ25 (non connecté) - 05/09/2017 01:07

    bonjour, à cette heure (05/09 à 1h00), le webmail n'est plus accessible (Erreur de connexion au serveur de stockage). Savez-vous pourquoi?

  • by Bill (Zaclynaute) - 31/08/2017 11:57

    Bonjour XoF
    Vous pouvez poser votre question sur notre forum :

  • by MatthieuBarbu (Zaclynaute) - 24/08/2017 12:09

    @jarvis : non les mots de passe ne sont pas stocker en clair sur le serveur, ils sont "hashé".
    Subissant régulièrement des attaques via tor, il y a de fort risque que l'IP soit blacklisté.

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