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Zmail Service Overview

Looking for a French mail service, powerful and without ads?
You want an alternative solution, free and respectful of your privacy, but you do not want to rent your own server and install it all yourself?


It is for this reason that Mother Zaclys offers Mail, the French, associative, privacy-friendly, advertising-free and free-of-charge open source messaging service!

Mail is a service reserved for members of the association. Mainly for reasons of security and anti-spam but also to guarantee the durability of this service.


1. To open your mailbox @ You just need to create an account and Join the association then Activate your mailbox

2. Then Join your webmail   (1)


New to 2017 to discover also: The dedicated mail server + dedicated cloud server



  • (1) IMPORTANT : On our webmail (RoundCube) or on any other software you use, on first use, once logged in and identified, it is recommended to configure your identity in "settings" / "identity": fill in The secondary email address (alias) you chose by activating your mailbox
  • Note: If you are having trouble connecting, try to simplify your password. Some worries may indeed appear with a few characters, such as accented letters.
  • You can use the web interface of our mail service from any Internet browser on Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, android etc:
  • If you use our cloud service, the mail app can be used directly from the interface
  • Tutorial for ThunderBird (1MB) , ThunderBird is an e-mail software to be installed on your computer, Linux, Mac or Windows (thanks to J2m06)
  • Tutorial for Kmail (1,7Mo) For Linux KDE (thanks to BiggerBang)
  • On Android, use k9mail (the default email software from Android is not currently supported by our mail service, it works):
    Tutorial for K9mail Android (1.5MB) (Thanks to BiggerBang)
  • Under ios: you can directly use the native app of mail, the mail server is
  • Windows 8 Mail: is not supported for now by our mail service, it works. Meanwhile install ThunderBird (free) or use our webmail from your internet browser

    And also :
  • Under ThunderBird you can also use FileLink with our cloud service To attach large files (HD photos or videos) in your mails with simplicity and (almost) without limit!
  • You can connect the address book of your cloud service (cf "Cloud" tab on our site) to your zmail account to access it directly from the webmail Roudcube: T = 3657 & p = 5350 # p5350



On most modern email programs (such as Thunderbird), simply enter your primary email address and password, it will automatically detect and configure your mailbox.

IMPORTANT: Consider adjusting your identity in the preferences of your software using your secondary email address (alias) more aesthetic.
If you use more secondary email addresses (aliases) and you want to have your choice of email sender address when you send your email, simply configure multiple identities in the preferences of your software.

Additional settings (if required):

  • Reception (imap server):  
    - Server :
    - Type of server: imap (No pop!)
    - Security : Port 993 with SSL / TLS (Or port 143 with STARTTLS)
    - Authentication : encrypted
  • Sending (smtps server):
    - Server :
    - Security : Port 465 with SSL / TLS (Or port 587 with STARTTLS)
    - Authentication: Yes andencrypted (With login / login: your username)

PS: No pop server at zaclys!

Email address primary / secondary, a mother innovation Zaclys:

On the zmail service you will have a single primary email address associated with your zaclys account, this is your "physical" email address for us ). 

Of course it is not aesthetics, as you can declare and join at any timeor amanysecondary email addresses from "my profile / mail": , etc ... and use these addresses either side mails to your contacts: all mail sent to these addresses automatically arrive in your mailbox only.

Double interest: you can change email address easily and add multiple email addresses (maiden name + marriage name, pseudo for our friends and proper name for your professional mails ...) without needing to open a new box Mail or reconfigure your messaging tools! (To reply on each mail with the correct address use the identity manager of your messaging tool).


Latest news (newest first):

  • Aliases are open, log on to the main site, then "My Profile" tab "zmail" and follow the instructions to add secondary addresses (aliases) to your inbox (March 2016)
  • The plugin roundcube-owncloud-carddav is installed! From the roundmap webmail you can find your managed contacts on our cloud service: (October 2015)
  • The spell checker in French is installed on the webmail (August 2015)
  • The ownCloud mail app is installed and activated for our mail service, discover it from the web interface of the ownCloud service ... (June 2015)
  • Following your remarks: improvement of security protocols. The ssl / tls tests are passed with a score of 90% on Calomel and A + on Qualys (March 2015)
  • Many upgrade, move to a bigger server and roundcube latest version (February 2015)
  • The mail service is finally open to all! (31/12/2014)
  • The webmail is open to testers (roundcube):
  • The mails are accessible to the testers via email clients (thunderbird, kmail, k9mail android, outlook etc), they received an individual mail with their identifiers
  • To follow all the news about this project, visit the testers forum:


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React, comment, discuss ...

Info76 reactions.

  • by synaptic (Zaclynaute) - 22/09/2016 10:52

    Réponse à moi-même : lu sur le forum que ce n'est pas possible avec le webmail mais que c'est dans la ToDo list.
    Merci !

  • by synaptic (Zaclynaute) - 22/09/2016 10:33

    Est-il possible de rediriger les mails dans des dossiers spécifiques ? J'utilise le webmail et je n'ai pas trouvé de filtres pour effectuer les réglages. Merci

  • by Guybrush (non connecté) - 02/08/2016 08:14


    - comme dit il faudrait essayer de faire le transfert depuis Thunderbird (je n'ai jamais eu de pb de transfert de bal avec TB en tout cas)

    - il est prévu chez Zaclys d'ajouter une fonction de transfert de bal directement sur le service mail (genre fetchmail) , on travaille en phase lab sur plusieurs améliorations du service mail dans le cadre d'un partenariat avec l'IFPO (cnrs)


  • by cyrilj (Zaclynaute) - 02/08/2016 00:36

    j'ai eu des soucis pour transférer certains emails de ma messagerie actuelle vers mon email Zaclys (via Apple Mai). Je n'ai pas trouvé de solutions, même avec l'aide de l'équipe de Zaclys. J'espère que cela sera résolu un jour, afin que je puisse basculer définitivement vers mon email Zaclys...

  • by Vacuity (non connecté) - 12/05/2016 19:08

    Cependant il est possible de rediriger les mails de ton nom de domaine vers Zaclys et d'utiliser une "identité" avec ton nom de domaine pour écrire depuis Zaclys, c'est assez transparent au final !

  • by Bill (Zaclynaute) - 12/05/2016 15:36

    Probablement dans les mois qui viennent.

  • by lascapi (non connecté) - 12/05/2016 15:34

    Super ! Merci pour cette précision ! C'est un projet pour bientôt ? Un mois ? Un an ?

  • by Bill (Zaclynaute) - 12/05/2016 15:20

    Bonjour lascapi
    Ce n'est pour l'instant pas possible. Mais nous avons en projet les serveurs Mail dédiés, qui le permettront.

  • by lascapi (non connecté) - 11/05/2016 21:11

    Bonjour :-) Je voulais savoir s'il est possible d'avoir une adresse mail avec son nom de domaine ?

  • by Bill (Zaclynaute) - 26/03/2016 21:44

    Bonjour afouquet

    Merci de poser votre question sur notre forum.

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